simmer.plot 0.1.9

Minor changes and fixes

  • Workaround for Solaris SPARC (#2).
  • Remove ignored edges in clone() (#6).
  • Add optional verbose info in plot.trajectory() labels (#5).

simmer.plot 0.1.8

Minor changes and fixes

  • Fix forks with a single path (5fa5937).
  • Re-arrange dataframes in tests (6cc4f0a).
  • Fix trajectory parsing with another NULL pointer format: 0x0 (#4).

simmer.plot 0.1.7

Minor changes and fixes

  • Fix trajectory parsing (8295c52). Parsing DOT is definitely unreliable. Rely entirely on DiagrammeR.

simmer.plot 0.1.6

Minor changes and fixes

  • More robust testing (d4879ee, trying to address #2).
  • Visual improvements for plot.trajectory() (9b49f83, d84a469).
  • Assign the dashed-gray edge style to subtrajectories in a consistent way (addressing #3).
  • Fix some defaults (8a7fb7d).
  • Do not plot cumulative average and steps at the same time for resources usage (89040bd).
  • Change alpha with the number of replications (60beae2).

simmer.plot 0.1.5

Minor changes and fixes

  • Fix plot of trajectories without forks or rollbacks (332ec61).
  • Fix plot of trajectories with a single node (f787c95).
  • Fail gracefully with empty trajectories (2d42d7f).
  • Fail gracefully if simmer doesn’t return pointers (3be41cf, a60a641). This should not happen, though.
  • Improve tests (a9e7fa0).
  • Update to DiagrammeR 0.9.0 (dbc01b8).

simmer.plot 0.1.4

Minor changes and fixes

  • Fix trajectory parsing (da45863). Different compilers represent NULL pointers in different ways: 0, (nil)

simmer.plot 0.1.3

Minor changes and fixes

  • Reduce the footprint caused by the “Plotting simmer trajectories” vignette, thus solving also a WARN in Solaris builds (9cb833a).
  • Assign reproducible identifiers to nodes instead of using external pointers in plot.trajectory(). The DOT output can be verified regardless of the ordering (3c3bc9b).

simmer.plot 0.1.1

New features

  • This package detaches plotting functionalities from the simmer package (present in versions 3.5.x and below). The old plot_resource_usage(), plot_resource_utilization(), plot_evolution_arrival_times() and plot_attributes() are implemented as an S3 method for the plot() generic (see ?plot.simmer).
  • An S3 method for plotting diagrams of trajectories is also provided (see ?plot.trajectory).