Build and manage trajectories

Methods for building and manipulating trajectory objects

Extract parts of a trajectory

Join trajectories

Number of activities in a trajectory

Create a trajectory

Add activities

Verbs for appending activities to trajectory objects

Add a activate/deactivate activity

Add a batch/separate activity

Add a branch activity

Add a clone/synchronize activity

Add a leave activity

Add a logging activity

Add a renege activity

Add a rollback activity

Add a seize/release activity

Select a resource

Add an inter-arrival communication activity

Add a set attribute activity

Add a set capacity/queue size activity

Add a set prioritization activity

Add a set trajectory/distribution activity

Add a timeout activity

Build and run simulation environments

Methods for building and running simulation objects

Add a generator

Add a resource

Reset a simulator

Run the simulation

Create a simulator

Wrap a simulation environment

Manage simulation environments

Methods for getting information about simulation components

Get a resource's parameter

Get the number of arrivals generated

Get current time

Peek next events


Methods for getting monitored statistics

Get statistics

Convenience functions

Helper methods for generators and resources

Arrivals at specific times

Generate arrivals starting and stopping at specified times

Generate arrivals starting at a specified time

Generate a scheduling object

Generate arrivals stopping at a specified time