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Introductory articles

Introduction to simmer

Learn how to get started with the basics of simmer.

simmer: Discrete-Event Simulation for R (PDF)

Technical description of the package, published in the Journal of Statistical Software.

Advanced Trajectory Usage

Master the definition and manipulation of trajectories and activities.

Basic examples

The Bank Tutorial: Part I

Learn a classical DES model with simmer.

The Bank Tutorial: Part II

Learn a classical DES model with simmer.

Other SimPy Examples

Learn to translate several SimPy examples to simmer.

Advanced models

Queueing Systems

Learn how to implement classical queueing models with simmer.

Continuous-Time Markov Chains

Learn how to implement general continuous-time Markov chain models with simmer.

Dining Philosophers Problem

Learn how to deal with concurrent models and synchronization issues.

Design and Analysis of 5G Scenarios

Advanced use cases and techniques for telecommunications.