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Attach a new source of arrivals to a trajectory from a generator function.


add_generator(.env, name_prefix, trajectory, distribution, mon = 1,
  priority = 0, preemptible = priority, restart = FALSE)



the simulation environment.


the name prefix of the generated arrivals. If several names are provided, several generators will be defined with the same parameters.


the trajectory that the generated arrivals will follow (see trajectory).


a function modelling the interarrival times (returning a negative value or a missing value stops the generator).


whether the simulator must monitor the generated arrivals or not (0 = no monitoring, 1 = simple arrival monitoring, 2 = level 1 + arrival attribute monitoring)


the priority of each arrival (a higher integer equals higher priority; defaults to the minimum priority, which is 0).


if a seize occurs in a preemptive resource, this parameter establishes the minimum incoming priority that can preempt these arrivals (an arrival with a priority greater than preemptible gains the resource). In any case, preemptible must be equal or greater than priority, and thus only higher priority arrivals can trigger preemption.


whether the activity must be restarted after being preempted.


Returns the simulation environment.

See also

Convenience functions: at, from, to, from_to, when_activated.

Other sources: add_dataframe.