Getters for processes (sources and arrivals) number of arrivals generated by a source, the name of the active arrival, an attribute from the active arrival or a global one, and prioritization values.

get_n_generated(.env, sources)

get_trajectory(.env, sources)


get_attribute(.env, keys)

get_global(.env, keys)




the simulation environment.


one or more resource names.


the attribute name(s).


get_n_generated returns the number of arrivals generated by the given sources. get_trajectory returns the trajectory to which they are attached (as a list).

get_name returns the number of the running arrival. get_attribute returns a running arrival's attributes. If a provided key was not previously set, it returns a missing value. get_global returns a global attribute. get_prioritization returns a running arrival's prioritization values. get_name, get_attribute and get_prioritization are meant to be used inside a trajectory; otherwise, there will be no arrival running and these functions will throw an error.

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