Activities for leaving with some probability, or for setting or unsetting a timer or a signal after which the arrival will abandon.

leave(.trj, prob, out = NULL, keep_seized = TRUE)

renege_in(.trj, t, out = NULL, keep_seized = FALSE)

renege_if(.trj, signal, out = NULL, keep_seized = FALSE)




the trajectory object.


a probability or a function returning a probability.


optional sub-trajectory in case of reneging.


whether to keep already seized resources. By default, all resources are released.


timeout to trigger reneging, accepts either a numeric or a callable object (a function) which must return a numeric.


signal to trigger reneging, accepts either a string or a callable object (a function) which must return a string.


Returns the trajectory object.


Arrivals that leave the trajectory will set the finished flag to FALSE in the output of get_mon_arrivals. Unfinished arrivals can be handled with a drop-out trajectory that can be set using the optional argument out or the handle_unfinished activity.

Note that, for historical reasons, leave has keep_seized=TRUE by default, while renege_* does not.

Note that renege_if works similarly to trap, but in contrast to that, reneging is triggered even if the arrival is waiting in a queue or is part of a non-permanent batch.

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## leave with some probability set.seed(1234) traj <- trajectory() %>% log_("leave with some probability") %>% leave(function() runif(1) < 0.5) %>% log_("didn't leave") simmer() %>% add_generator("dummy", traj, at(0, 1)) %>% run() %>% invisible
#> 0: dummy0: leave with some probability #> 1: dummy1: leave with some probability #> 1: dummy1: didn't leave
## reneging after some time bank <- trajectory() %>% log_("here I am") %>% # renege in 5 minutes renege_in( 5, out = trajectory() %>% log_("lost my patience. Reneging...")) %>% seize("clerk") %>% # stay if I'm being attended within 5 minutes renege_abort() %>% log_("I'm being attended") %>% timeout(10) %>% release("clerk") %>% log_("finished") simmer() %>% add_resource("clerk", 1) %>% add_generator("customer", bank, at(0, 1)) %>% run() %>% invisible
#> 0: customer0: here I am #> 0: customer0: I'm being attended #> 1: customer1: here I am #> 6: customer1: lost my patience. Reneging... #> 10: customer0: finished