Activity for selecting a resource for a subsequent seize/release or setting its parameters (capacity or queue size).

select(.trj, resources, policy = c("shortest-queue",
  "shortest-queue-available", "round-robin", "round-robin-available",
  "first-available", "random", "random-available"), id = 0)



the trajectory object.


one or more resource names, or a callable object (a function) which must return one or more resource names.


if resources is a character vector, this parameter determines the criteria for selecting a resource among the set of policies available (see details).


selection identifier for nested usage.


Returns the trajectory object.


The 'shortest-queue' policy selects the least busy resource; 'round-robin' selects resources in cyclical order; 'first-available' selects the first resource available, and 'random' selects a resource randomly.

All the 'available'-ending policies ('first-available', but also 'shortest-queue-available', 'round-robin-available' and 'random-available') check for resource availability (i.e., whether the capacity is non-zero), and exclude from the selection procedure those resources with capacity set to zero. This means that, for these policies, an error will be raised if all resources are unavailable.

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