Activity for dynamically modifying an arrival's prioritization values. Default prioritization values are defined by the source (see add_generator, add_dataframe).

set_prioritization(.trj, values, mod = c(NA, "+", "*"))



the trajectory object.


expects either a vector/list or a callable object (a function) returning a vector/list of three values c(priority, preemptible, restart). A negative value leaves the corresponding parameter unchanged. See add_generator for more information about these parameters.


if set, values modify the attributes rather than substituting them.


Returns the trajectory object.

See also


traj <- trajectory() %>% # static values set_prioritization(c(3, 7, TRUE)) %>% # increment set_prioritization(c(2, 1, 0), mod="+") %>% # dynamic, custom set_attribute("priority", 3) %>% set_prioritization(function() { prio <- get_prioritization(env) attr <- get_attribute(env, "priority") c(attr, prio[[2]]+1, FALSE) })