Activities for modifying a source's trajectory or source object by name. Sources must be defined in the simulation environment (see add_generator, add_dataframe).

set_trajectory(.trj, sources, trajectory)

set_source(.trj, sources, object)



the trajectory object.


the name(s) of the source(s) or a function returning the name(s).


the trajectory that the generated arrivals will follow.


a function modelling the interarrival times (if the source type is a generator; returning a negative value stops the generator) or a data frame (if the source type is a data source).


Returns the trajectory object.

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traj1 <- trajectory() %>% timeout(1) traj2 <- trajectory() %>% set_source("dummy", function() 1) %>% set_trajectory("dummy", traj1) %>% timeout(2) simmer() %>% add_generator("dummy", traj2, function() 2) %>% run(6) %>% get_mon_arrivals()
#> name start_time end_time activity_time finished replication #> 1 dummy0 2 4 2 TRUE 1 #> 2 dummy1 3 4 1 TRUE 1 #> 3 dummy2 4 5 1 TRUE 1